Lady Beetle Party Lolly Boxes

Lady Beetle Party Lolly Boxes

What’s round and red with black dots?  Lady beetle party lolly boxes! Are these not the cutest lolly boxes you’ve ever seen?

I got some paper mache boxes from Spotlight when they were all 20% off.

paper mache boxes and numbers

And after two coats of white base coat.

And two coats of red they were starting to look like lady beetles.

I made a stencil out two pieces of freezer paper ironed together to give it more stability.  Then using a scalpel I carefully cut out four dots for each wing with a thin line down the middle and a face.  Besides making painting the black easier it meant that all the boxes looked the same.

I tested painting white eyes on the face but decided to use some googley eyes I had bought from a $2 shop.  I had two colours of eyes, both red and blue which enabled me to identify which boxes were for girls (red eyes) or boys (blue eyes) without having to open up the boxes to see which one had the lipgloss.

Inside the lolly boxes I placed a piece of red tissue paper at the bottom and had found lots of lady beetle treasures to put inside.  There were lady beetle bubbles, a Bertie Beetle chocolate, lady beetle clicker, lady beetle chocolate, bug slide game, lady beetle shaped lipgloss and a little packet with lady beetle inspired lollies sealed with a sticker.  Inside I also had the lady beetle matchboxes from my previous post.

I wanted something different for the lolly bag so was really happy with the idea of the lady beetle lolly boxes.  Hopefully all the kids can use them to keep some of their own treasures inside once all the lollies and goodies have gone!

  • Lara

    I just love this gorgeous website and your wonderful ideas. And your great logo too 🙂

    • Lorelei

      Thanks Lara. Guess who created my site and designed my logo? My hubby is good hey?

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  • Michaela

    Just wondering where you found all the lady beetle treats for these favour boxes? Thinking of having this theme for Miss 2 this year… love those old fashioned clickers! Oh and the Bertie Beetles!

    • craftsmumship

      The clickers were from a little toy shop in the Blue Mountains (my mum used to live there and found them for me). I just did a search and you can buy Bertie beetles on ebay and also see you can get the lady beetle chocolates on ebay too. Hope you all have fun with the theme, it really is a great one to do.

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