Fondant Cupcakes

Fondant Cupcakes

As you would have seen on my blog I love making cake pops but I also love making fondant cupcakes!

Cupcakes covered in RTR icing an decorated with flowers and butterflies

I’ve been doing some practicing of my fondant cupcakes at Planet Cake ready for my next opportunity to make some.

Using fondant flowers, piping, rolled fondant roses, embossing and royal icing butterflies were some of the designs I used to create my rolled fondant cupcake tower.

buttercream cupcakes

Some cute cupcake designs that could be used for different birthday parties, baby showers or any other events really.

decorated cupcakes

So much fun modeling all the little cake toppers for 10 different designs of buttercream cupcakes. My kids loved the cookie monster ones however the rubber duckies were my favourite from these ones.

RTR covered pink and teal cupcakes

We learnt a really clever way to make your own cupcake tower too which we covered in matching coloured fondant and finished the edges with ribbon. The tower structure is made of cake boards with polystyrene spacers and then wooden dowels through the centre for support.

My favourite are the fondant covered cupcakes though. I seem to gravitate towards these colours a lot!

Which design is your favourite?

  • R L P

    Cupcake heaven!

  • Kate Toon

    Hi Lorelei

    I want to make some Elmo cupcakes for my son’s birthday. Do you have a recipe you could share, also some advice about what to use for the decoration?

    • Lorelei

      Hi Kate,
      The best recipe I have found is from the Planet Cake cupcake book but I’m sure you can find some free ones online to try. I will email you some links. I am not sure of your abilities and skill level but there are a few ways you can make them. I suggest using half an Oreo cookie for the mouth instead of black rolled fondant like I used and maybe even marshmallow eyes and lolly nose if you want to make it easier and can’t get to a specialist cake shop to buy the rolled icing. I’ll email you a pic of what I mean. Also you’ll probably find it hard to get a true red icing with just the liquid food colouring from the supermarket, it’s best to use a proper gel paste like Wilton’s red red and Christmas red. Best to do a test run of the cupcake recipe ahead of schedule to make sure you have it down pat and make sure you allow enough time for them to cool totally before decorating. Good luck! I’m sure you son will love them.

  • Merryn

    Wow, love these cupcakes they are amazing. 🙂

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  • cupcakelover10

    i love these cupcakes i’m going to order some for the babies

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