Knitted Tape Ruffle Scarf

Knitted Tape Ruffle Scarf

Even though at the time I was heavily pregnant I couldn’t miss a trip to the Craft and Quilt Fair in Darling Harbour back in June. One of the things I bought was some balls of Katia Ondas knitting tape in two different colours.

Ondas Spiral Knitted Scarf

This is amazing yarn that I had seen on the internet and wanted to get my hands on some to try out. To make a beautiful knitted ruffle scarf you only need one ball of yarn. It is a mesh type tape that you open up and knit it in a garter stitch using only the top edge of the knitting tape. In 2 hours or less you have a lovely ruffled knit scarf. It was so easy that I knitted two scarfs in one day.

Sisters in ruffle scarves

I was going to add the scarfs to my gift giving stash but found it hard to resist when my daughters fell in love with them and begged to have them.

Rapunzel knitted hair scarf

Besides wearing them they have been pretending that the scarfs are Rupunzel’s long long hair…

Cheerleader knitted scarf

… and they are even great to use when pretending to be a cheerleader! I love seeing how children use their imagination to turn simple items into other objects.

  • Debbiefinlay

    my ruffle scarf won’t ruffle it looks more like bell on top of each other where have I went wrong

    • Anonymous

      Hi Debbie, It’s hard to say where you’ve gone wrong without seeing your scarf but maybe check back with your directions on the label of your ball of yarn. I also found this youtube demo which may help you work it out. Hope you are able to fix it.

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  • JennaC

    Hi, I just stumbled on your blog looking for a ruffle scarf pattern – could you please tell me what you use for a pattern for these? I love that yarn as well!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jenna, The pattern is on the inside of the sleeve on the actual ball of Katia Ondas knitting tape (yarn). Very easy and quick, you should give it a try.

  • Sylviaramsey12

    very pretty girls and scarfs

  • Redrosechicktm

    How do you finish the ruffled scarf? This is first one I have ever Knitted .

    • craftsmumship

      Hello, knit it as long as you need and then just finish off as you normally would with knitting anything. ie. pull the end of your yarn through the last loop and weave in the loose end.

  • Carmie

    How do I started the yarn

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