Cake Stall Cupcakes

Cake Stall Cupcakes

Before dashing off for school holidays I had a busy couple of days making and decorating some cupcakes for my daughter’s school cake stall.

cupcake courier full of cupcakes

I love having an excuse to do some baking and fill my wonderful aqua cupcake courier full of 36 yummy cupcakes.

making white chocolate ganache

First step was to make some more white chocolate ganache. This needs to rest overnight before you can use it and it is the trick to making the top of the cupcakes nice and smooth.  The added bonus is it makes them taste great too.

perfect cupcakes

I made 24 vanilla buttermilk cupcakes and 12 chocolate cupcakes for the chocolate lovers. I love the recipes in my Planet Cake Cupcakes Cookbook. The vanilla ones taste so yummy even without the ganache and fondant. I think the trick is the buttermilk in the recipe.

lego cupcakes

I wanted to make some designs to entice the boys to buy a cupcake. When you think of cupcakes first up you probably picture pretty cupcakes with sprinkles. Friends with older boys have mentioned how much their sons love playing with Lego so using a silicone mold I made some pieces of lego in different sizes using some of my rolled fondant. I made started making these on Wednesday night so they had enough time to dry for the cake stall on the Friday.

lego party cupcakes

On top of the vanilla cupcakes I used yellow rolled fondant which I rolled nice and thin using my pasta making machine. Then I placed one or two pieces of red fondant Lego on top of each cupcake. These cupcakes definitely sold the quickest. I would love to make a whole heap for a Lego birthday party for my son one day.

space invader cupcake toppers

Remembering I had some space invader silicone molds as well I made some blue space invaders.Using some cornflour I lightly dusted the molds so that I could remove the shapes easily.

space invaders cupcakes

For the space invader cupcakes I covered the cupcakes in black rolled fondant and placed the cupcake toppers on with a light brush of some water to help them stick.

simple pretty fondant covered cupcakes

For the girls I made some pretty white rolled fondant cupcakes with a lavender coloured bow on top. It really helps to have a dedicated  pasta maker to roll the icing through to and get it nice and thin. The bows turned out really delicate and sweet.

girls party cupcakes

They look so pretty all grouped together.  A cupcake tower would look so pretty full of these cupcakes for a birthday party.

chocolate buttercream cupcakes

To finish off I made some chocolate buttercream swirl cupcakes with some tiny silver dragees sprinkled on top of them. Very simple and yummy.

Chocolate buttermilk cupcakes

I got to school nice and early so I wasn’t rushing and late.  Things always take longer than planned with a little baby in tow.  Baby was pretty settled so I helped out selling the cakes too. The funny thing was my cupcakes were sold so quickly they were all gone by the time the bell went at 3pm. I even forgot to save some for my daughter who wanted to come up and buy one from me. It was so cute to serve the little kids coming up to buy something, I really enjoyed my first real taste of the school cake stall. Boy was it busy when those kids all came out of class.

I think next time I will buy some cupcakes and just decorate them.  That way I will have more as it does take a while to bake all your own cupcakes from scratch.

Does your school have a cake stall and what to you usually make for it?

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