Rainbow Ripple Crochet

IMG 1264 682x1024 Rainbow Ripple Crochet

Here is a deep chevron rainbow blanket I’ve been working on for quite a while now.

IMG 1243 1024x682 Rainbow Ripple Crochet

So long ago I started before our baby boy was even in my tummy.  Now he is over 3 months old and I have finally finished!  Yippeee.  I love finishing big projects.

IMG 82371 1024x768 Rainbow Ripple Crochet

I couldn’t resist the range of rainbow colours this Moda Vera Cupcake yarn came in when I bought them back in September 2010. I always wanted to make a chevron or wave crochet blanket and decided to make one from this yarn as it was fairly cheap to start with. When I realised I needed a lot more yarn I was lucky to find them discounted at Spotlight to $1! It’s quite a soft yarn being a blend of 50% nylon and 50% acrylic and was very smooth to crochet with.

IMG 1280 1024x682 Rainbow Ripple Crochet

Using pattern number 81 called Deep Chevrons from this book 154 Crochet Wave Patterns by Darla Sims I set to work using my size 5.00mm (H) crochet hook. The book is full of wave, ripple and chevron patterns and I remember having trouble choosing which pattern to use.

IMG 1233 1024x682 Rainbow Ripple Crochet

Each colour chevron block is made up of 2 rows of double crochet and then there are 5 rainbow blocks to make up the whole blanket.

IMG 1273 1024x682 Rainbow Ripple Crochet

Each block of colour used most of the ball and took 1 hour to crochet. That is 40 bands of colour so about 40 hours in total to crochet the whole chevron blanket.

IMG 1262 1024x682 Rainbow Ripple Crochet

The rainbows are made up of 8 colours – red, pink, orange, yellow, lime green, teal, blue and indigo. My eldest daughter has been learning the order of colours in a rainbow and loves to inform me that pink isn’t technically in the rainbow. There was no purple or violet available but I added the teal as well as the pink to make it an 8 colour rainbow. I did buy some navy balls of yarn as well but decided against using them as they seemed to stand out too much from the other colours.

IMG 1265 1024x682 Rainbow Ripple Crochet

This project turned out to be a lot bigger than expected and I did reach a point where I was overwhelmed with it and needed to have a rest from making it.

IMG 1259 1024x682 Rainbow Ripple Crochet

But that was probably because this little bundle was growing inside me. Now he is like a bright rainbow, bringing colour and joy into our lives.

Hope I may have inspired you to persist with a crafty UFO (unfinished object).  It’s well worth the effort in the end. What do you need to finish making?

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  • knitmaryknit

    So beautiful! Thanks for inspiring me to get back on my ufo! :)

    • Anonymous

      Glad to have inspired you to keep going Mary. When you finish a UFO it means you won’t feel so bad starting something else!

  • Julie Briddon

    Your beautiful baby boy looks very cute against the rainbow of colours. I also love his great smile!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Julie. He’s a very happy bub!

  • http://twitter.com/HomeGrownMama Christie

    Oh wow, this is just gorgeous. Very inspiring!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you. Now that it’s finally finished and I don’t have to feel bad starting something else I’m undecided as to what I should make next.

  • http://profiles.google.com/craftymummy2 Crafty Mummy

    I LOVE it! The rainbow pattern of colours is perfect – I think I prefer it to the random colours I did in mine. Now I’m going to have to start a 3rd – thanks for the inspiration ;o)

    • Anonymous

      No problem fellow crafty Mum. I might have to make some more as my daughters were fighting over who it was for. Eldest did ask me ages ago while I was making it if she could have it.

  • Katie Little

    Wow! You are truly talented, that is really beautiful.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Katie.

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  • Sage Meadow

    Beautiful blanket!!!

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