Blythe Doll Mermaid Cake

Blythe Doll Mermaid Cake

She’s a mermaid, she’s a very special doll and she’s a cake!

I had this idea to create a Blythe doll mermaid cake using a dolly varden pan ever since I made this Blythe doll dolly varden cake for my daughter back when she was 5 (she is now 8!) and finally I have had to opportunity to make her.

I have a soft spot for mermaids as my name (Lorelei) is the name of a mermaid who would sit on a rock on the Rhine River in Germany and lure the sailors and their ships into the rocks to their death. When we had our very first daughter back in 2004 we gave her a beautiful mermaid bedroom and told her she was our little mermaid. When our next daughter was born she was our little fairy and then our third daughter became our little princess. I was running out of bedroom themes for daugter’s so it was lucky our baby boy came after that. I will post more about his theme and room this year as we are finally starting to get it ready.

Mermaid Blythe Doll

For our little mermaid’s 2nd birthday I actually made a mermaid cake and we had a little party for her. Nothing like the parties these days and this cake is much better than the one I made 6 years ago! You know what they say practice makes perfect.

I wasn’t sure which Blythe doll of ours to use at first as I’d recently used a dark haired girl with bangs (Bow Wow Trad) for a red riding hood photo shoot and if you’ve read my introduction to Blythe dolls before you would know all about them. We actually have a rainbow of hair coloured dolls between us 4 girls.

Mermaids have long hair and I do picture them as blonde so my favourite doll Tarts and Tea Blythe was preened for the task of becoming part of a cake. She looks sweet as a mermaid with her nail polish and beautiful long golden hair parted in the middle.

Blythe Mermaid Cake

Lustre dust and mini pearl dragees were used to finish off her tail and I just happened to have the perfect chocolate rocks to spread around the bottom along with some shells. Gosh I love this ribbon cake plate. I have two of them, one round and the other square and they come in so handy when you don’t want to use a big set up board. Luckily I had the perfect ribbon to thread through and accent the cake. See there is a benefit to having a large craft stash, less dashing to the shop at the last minute!

Blythe Doll Dolly Varden Cake

Using a rubber mold (the same one I used back in 2006) I made some little teal fondant sea shells to make a little mermaid bra for her and keep her discreet.

I’m so so happy with the way she turned out and so happy with the photos my husband took of her. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? Hopefully she will get a bit of pinning on Pinterest and find her way to some new crafty and doll people who would like my blog.

Leave a comment if you’d like me to do a “how to” blog post as I did take a few extra photos of the process of creating this cake.

  • Tammy James

    OMGosh Lorelei she is stunning as a mermaid and the cake is amazing!!

    • Lorelei

      Thanks Tammy! She’s well wrapped in glad wrap underneath but may still smell like chocolate mud cake for a week or two.

  • Hegemony77 doll clothes

    Really Fabulous!

  • Tina Herbison

    Wow! That is gorgeous. I would love to know how you did that rock effect!

    • craftsmumship

      Thanks Tina. I did it by having a small ball of darker coloured fondant and then gently mixing it in (but not too much) to add a nice marbled effect. I love the chocolate rocks too. They were a great find.

      • Tina Herbison

        Thanks for sharing – it looks amazing (your little Blythe lady is gorgeous). Well done, you are very clever!

  • Christine Knight

    Wow, absolutely beautiful!

    • Lorelei

      Thank you.

  • Mumma McD

    OMG my 4 year old just saw this and has put in an order for her next birthday! Amazing!

    • Lorelei

      Thank you. Think it’s my favourite cake so far.

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