Superhero Cookies

Bam superhero cookies

BAM! For our batman party we had to have decorated cookies like we usually have at our parties (these red riding hood cookies are my past favourite). They add such great colour to a party dessert table and besides being fun to make they look great.

Boom superhero cookies

BOOM! The party colours were black, blue and yellow with a little red so I decided on three different superhero cookie designs to make it fun but not have too much to do as decorating them does take a bit of time.

starburst cookies

POW! Was the final design in the set of three as it was the design on our superhero party invite.

decorating sugar cookies

As much as I love making and decorating sugar cookies I was going to get them made for me this time by the fabulous Flyaway Pineapple but left it too late to order in time for the party.

I just followed the same process I usually do to make them. Bake your cookies with enough time so that they can rest for a day after baking. I make my royal icing runny enough that I can pipe the outline and then fill them in straight away so that you don’t get much of an outline and I don’t have to make up too many different piping bags filled with different consistency icing. I just had three bags – blue, yellow and red. Allow enough time (I waited overnight) for the background icing to set so that you are not going to ruin the cookies when you write the words.

pow superhero cookies

I made about twelve cookies in each design and once they were all decorated I just put them in a airtight container layered with baking paper until a few hours before the party when I put them out on display.


I managed to pick up two nice rectangular black plates from a party shop for $2 each  and then sat blue sixlets on top of the plate and then put the cookies on top.

superhero starburst cookies

The colours really did pop! During the party I just kept refilling the cookie plate so that there were always some cookies at the dessert table. They do go quickly and I’ve found that if I put them all out at the beginning of the party they are gone very quickly so now I space them out.

Do you have cookies at your parties? Do you make them yourself or do you purchase them?


  • Sandra Benskin

    These cookies look great. Do you have an easy cookie recipe to share? Or maybe some gluten free cookie recipes?

    • craftsmumship

      Thanks so much Sandra. I love Sweet Sugar Belle’s recipe ( and have success every time with it. I haven’t tried gluten free cookies before however this recipe looks good if you wanted to try it –
      Best of luck, I would love to see pictures of yours if you end up making some.

      • Sandra Benskin

        Fabulous, I’ll check it out and send you some pics. All my stuff has come out of storage now and I’ll finally be able to do some real baking rather than relying on Betty Crocker. Adam and Seth are going to get quite chubby with the way I’m going 🙂

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