Caron Cakes One Ball Challenge

Caron Cakes One Ball Challenge

Recently Spotlight started stocking a new range of yarns called Caron Cakes where the yarn blends through 5 variations of a colour (or different colours) all in the one ball of yarn. I was kindly gifted a ball in the Faerie Cake colour way to test out and to participate in their Caron Cakes One Ball Challenge over on Instagram (#oneballchallenge).

virus shawl

The yarn comes in a 200gm ball, is 350m long, has a worsted weight and is a composition of 80% acrylic and 20% wool but was still quite soft considering. This Virus shawl is what I decided to make with my one ball and it was the perfect amount to make this pattern which really shows off the colour changes nicely.

There are about ten different colours available with more coming and you can order them online here if you can’t make it into a store.

crochet virus shawl

It took me a little while to decide what was exactly the right thing to make to compliment the yarns colour changes but I feel the Virus shawl is a perfect choice. You can find the free pattern available on Ravelry here and it was pretty quick, easy and fun to make. The pattern has been around for many years and the original designer is actually unknown, it is only available as a chart (not written instructions) but once you understand how to read it you’ll be fine.

free crochet shawl pattern

There was enough yarn to single crochet along the top edge of the shawl to neaten it but not quite enough to go all the way around the bottom edge as well.

faerie cake caron cake

Looking at this photo though it doesn’t really need it and I’m pretty happy with the end product.

I have to be honest and say that I did find one knot in my ball right near the end which was disappointing but I did manage to hide it and I’d be interested to crochet or knit with this yarn again and see if there was another knot next time. It would be a great yarn for a cushion cover or using a couple of balls to make a blanket.

one ball challenge

Have you made anything with Caron Cakes yarn yet? How did you find it? What would you make with one ball?

  • Dorothy Silver

    I’d be interested to know how you managed the colour changes in the yarn. Did you cut and change colours at the end of the rows or did you let the yarn ‘do its own thing’? Your shawl turned out beautiful and although I’ve not been too fussed on the cake type yarns, you have given me inspiration to maybe try a virus shawl with one of them. Thanks for the interesting post.

    • craftsmumship

      Thanks for your comment Dorothy. The great thing about Caron Cakes is that you don’t have to manage the yarn colour changes you just keep crocheting (or knitting) and that is why it’s important to pick a great pattern (like this one) where the colour changes will look good. The yarn just does it’s own thing and you can just keep working on your pattern. There are some really lovely colours too, you should check them out.

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