Fabric Buntings

fabric buntings

You can make either paper triangles or fabric buntings which have just been cut with pinking shears.  Or you can neatly prepare and sew triangles from two pieces of fabric sewn right sides together and then turned right side out.  They can really brighten up a room or give your party a great homemade feeling.  Buntings can look stunning and they definitely are making a comeback.

purple bunting in stripes and polka dots

We like to make long ones.  Both the buntings pictured above  have 68 flags and four different co-ordinatng fabrics such as stripes, stars and different sized spots.

easy to make party bunting

These have been sewn onto bias binding and pressed nicely once the triangles have been turned right side out after sewing.  It takes a bit of time but gives them a lovely crisp look.

over the rainbow bunting - Dorothy Wizard of Oz

Another idea to brighten up your children’s dolls’ house or play room is to make a miniature bunting like the one above made out of beautiful hand dyed fabric. Somewhere under the rainbow!

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