Mosaic Quilts

I had the most beautiful photo of my eldest daughter that was taken on my mobile phone so was not high enough resolution to print out and hang up on my wall somewhere. Perfect to make a quilted photo or mosaic quilts with.

I purchased this program and followed the instructions. Basically the picture is made up of 12 different fabrics ranging from lightest to darkest. Even though they are tiny little squares, once the fabric is cut placing them over the pattern doesn’t take that long. The longest parts for me were choosing the fabric – because for this quilt I wanted to pick the same colours that were in the original photo to make it look really realistic – and sewing all of them together. There are other methods of attaching the pieces and they can also look spectacular. I will share with you another method I used to make a mosaic quilt for a friend in another post so you can see the difference.

You really need the right wall for this type of quilt. Although it looks stunning close up, to really “see” the picture you need to have your mosaic quilt on a wall you can stand some distance away from.

So if you have the right photo, the patience and a perfect blank wall, a mosaic quilt can create a beautiful quilted photo that really makes a statement.

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