Felt teapot

When I sit down to craft there is one thing that I always do. Drink tea!!!  I definitely love a cup of tea or coffee.  It goes hand in hand with crafting really.  My favourite tea is definitely T2’s gorgeous-geisha which is a strawberry flavoured green tea.  Yum!

Over time you’re sure to see the tea and coffee influence in my crafts.

I bought this felt teapot pattern last year on Etsy.  I planned to make it for my daughter’s Tea Party birthday party last year, thinking that the file was just going to be emailed.  I ended up having to wait for the pattern to come by snail mail and it came after her birthday so I put it aside and hadn’t made it until now.

My first daughter started Kindergarten this year and she has been invited to so many school friend’s birthday parties.  I’m going to try and make most of the presents for her friends, handmade presents really stand out because you’ve taken the time to make something especially for them.

Mmmm all this talk of tea I think it’s time to put the kettle on!

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