Mr. Chef Party

Kieran getting ready for his Mr. Chef party for his 14th Birthday.

Party day arrived and the weather was perfect.  All the preparation was done – aprons sewn and screen printed, chef’s jacket lolly bags made and food bought.  Wanting the birthday cake to be a surprise we needed to go and pick it up so left the boys in charge of blowing up the balloons and told them not to inhale the helium!!!!!

Disaster!!! When we got home we found that the cake had fallen over in the car and the chef’s hat had slipped off the cake.  Luckily it could be fixed and only a trained eye could see the damage (thank goodness it was at the back too.. Phew!).

Crisis averted, it was time to put on our aprons and get everything ready for the Mr. Chef challenges.

We decided that five challenges would be a good number in terms of time and food seeing as the party guests were going to be eating most of what they would make. Here is a list of the five challenges: –

Challenge 1 – Pizza Making

We had prepared a selection of toppings in small glass bowls for the kids to select which ingredients they wanted on their pizza.  Lebanese bread was used as the base so they didn’t take too long for Chef Joseph (Kieran’s Dad) to cook them.  The winner was the challenger with the best looking and tasting pizza.

Challenge 2 – Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

Once again all the ingredients were laid out on the table and our Vietnamese friend gave the demonstration to the kids on how to make the rice paper rolls.  The winner was the fastest to finish five neatest rice paper rolls.

Challenge 3 – Taste Test

The contestants had to taste Anna Maria’s family recipe bolognaise sauce and then guess the 21 different ingredients.  The person with the highest correct number of ingredients won. It was a hard challenge with some sneaky ingredients (just like the real MasterChef) and the winner had 16 right.

Challenge 4 – Fuit Tartlets

Chef Joseph gave a demonstration on how to fill a piping bag with custard and the teens had to decorate two tarts with a selection of fruits and custard.  Some of them even ended up using the fruit jelly snacks on their tarts which added extra colour.  The Chef with the best looking tart won.

Challenge 5 – Egg White Whipping

Each child was given 2 eggs which they had to separate into their own bowl and whip the egg whites firm enough to be able to hold the bowl over their head for at least 10 seconds.  The fastest challenger won and the birthday boy Kieran took great joy in winning this challenge!

The last thing to do was to sing happy birthday and cut and eat the cake (along with some stawberry tea of course). All in all it was a great party.  The kids enjoyed themselves whilst making some yummy food.  They had aprons, lolly bags and recipe book prizes to take home with them at the end.

Here is a slideshow of some other pictures from the party if you want to click on the images you can see them a little larger.

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