When my daughter wanted a special outfit for her party we decided to make some pettiskirts.  After seeing how expensive they were in the shops I searched around on the net for the best and clearest pattern.  I came across this free pattern from Martha Stewart’s website.

I discovered the reason why they are so expensive in the shops even though you can pick up the fabric really cheaply from here.  You need quite a lot of fabric and it is very, very time consuming shirring the 43 metres of nylon chiffon just for the bottom ruffle.

Being a mum of three daughters I couldn’t just make one so they all got one and I let them pick what colours they wanted.  The second one I made was pink and I made it a bit longer than Martha’s pattern and in hindsight would have liked them both that length.  I think they look cute – the same, but different!

pettiskirt made using Martha Stewart online pattern

I still have lots of the fabric left to make some more but I definately need a long break from gathering all those metres of fabric.


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