Teapot Birthday Cake

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Teapot Birthday Cake

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pink teapot birthday cake

A working mum friend was having a tea party for her daughter’s birthday so I offered to make her a teapot birthday cake for the event. Everyone loved it. I also layered the cake inside so that it went chocolate / vanilla / chocolate. Made it look very pretty when it was cut and it tasted so good that it didn’t last long.

My piping isn’t perfect however I made it easier on myself by making the pink banner for the bottom of the cake board and then piping on top of that. It meant that I could have a few attempts until I was happy with it and then once it was dried I stuck it to the fondant covered cake board with a dab or two water.

My friend gave me two beautiful bunches of tulips and sent me a lovely email to say thank you. I was just happy to help a good friend in need.

N.B. You can see another Teapot birthday cake I’ve made since this one over here.

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