Easy Tab Top Curtains

We recently moved the girls cubby house from the side garden into the backyard.  It was a great idea as they are using it more with it being next to the trampoline.  “Moving house” made me decide to refresh the cubby with some new curtains.  Gigi helped me a lot with this project.  Firstly she choose the fabric she wanted.

The picture above was the cubby house before, a little unloved!

Tab top curtains are the easiest and quickest way to make curtains.  There are two windows in the cubby so I made four curtains and each curtain had 5 tabs.

Helping count out the tabs was fun for Gigi too.

Next I plan to paint the table and chairs and make a laminated tablecloth for all their tea parties.

Nothing like a new set of curtains to make it feel like a new cubby and renew the girls interest in their cute little house.

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