Heart Flower Cake

I had some left over cake in the freezer and wanted to try out my new plunger cutters so I whipped up this little heart flower cake.  I decided to keep the icing white this time as there is something very nice about beautiful smooth white icing.

I iced the cake and board with ready to roll icing (RTR) and placed a pink polka dot ribbon around the base of the cake and then a lavender polka dot ribbon around the presentation board.  I “glued” the ends of the ribbon together with a bit of royal icing.  Then I lightly pressed a heart shaped cutter in the centre of the top of the cake to give an impression of where I wanted the flowers to go.

I iced a line on the heart impression with royal icing and then placed the flowers around in the heart shape until I was satisfied with the result.  To be honest I did want to pipe a few green leaves randomly around the heart but a beautiful sunny day was calling me to have a picnic in the park with my family.

Plunger cutters are great for doing lots of small shapes as you don’t have to worry about the icing getting stuck in the cutter because they have a built in plunger that pushes the icing out of the shape you are pressing.  It makes life much easier and definitely worth the investment if you are doing lots of cakes or cupcakes with small shapes.

Next I decided to pick up the polka dot pattern and tie the whole cake together by adding a couple of rows of white polka dots to the edge of  the cake.  After piping the dots of royal icing I smoothed the peak of them by lightly pressing a damp (but not wet) paint brush on top of each dot.

All ready to take and enjoy on our picnic.

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