Heart Cookies

Heart Cookies

My daughters love to “help” with lots of projects so I did one just for them recently.  We made some yummy heart cookies.  They would be sweet for Valentine’s day but when the girls found the heart cutter and texture mats I had bought on ebay they couldn’t wait to make some.

We made some basic vanilla cookies first and then painted a bit of piping gel on top of them to make the icing stick on.

The girls kneaded out some of the ready to roll icing (RTR) which was left over from some previous cakes and had already been coloured.

After softening the icing by kneading it the girls rolled out a thin layer of icing and cut out the heart shapes.  Next they pressed the texture mats into their cut out hearts and then laid them on top of the totally cooled cookies.

I was going to clean up the flour a bit better for the photos but I’m afraid the cookies didn’t last that long!

I tried to really let them do as much as they could of the cookies by themselves.  Sometimes it’s hard to let go and let things look not so perfect but kids don’t learn much that way.  Let go and let them have fun!

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