Simplicity Pattern 5695

When I was a little girl one of my favourite dresses was the apple dress I’m wearing in the above picture.

So when I found some sweet apple fabric recently I just had to have it.

Using Simplicity pattern 5695 I decided to make dress “D” for my middle daughter Gigi as a lot of people tell me she looks a lot like me!

It didn’t take long at all to whip up and when I asked her to try it on to see if the elastic at the top was tight enough she wouldn’t take it off again!  It’s still pretty cold here in Sydney so perhaps I should have waited to make it for her.  She didn’t even want to put her pj’s on for bed that night but finally agreed.  The next morning when she woke up I had put her dress in the washing basket but not washed it yet and she cried when she couldn’t find it.  She tracked it down and put it on.  I wanted get a better full length photo of her wearing the dress for the blog but I’m afraid if I get her to wear it again she won’t want to take it off!

It is so sweet that she loves it so much but I do want her to wear other clothes too!  Obviously I will have to do some more sewing for her as she really appreciated it and couldn’t stop telling me how much she loved her apple dress and me.  Gigi will be 4 in November and is at the sweet age of telling me all the time (unprompted too) “Love you mummy”.  Lucky me!

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