Sophia carry-all bag

Amy Butler has some beautiful patterns and fabrics and this bag is called the Sophia Carry-all bag.  It is the second Amy Butler bag I’ve made.

Made using the piece of fabric on the front which I texturised with the product Texture Magic (explained in previous post here).

With some ribbon I created this rosette to attach to the front strap.

I used a piece of hand dyed felted teal wool and black satin piping was used around the main edges of the handbag.  This is the challenging part as the fabric has to be highly interfaced and padded for bag making so the many extra layers of fabric makes this part harder.

I found this pretty decorative zip at the recent craft show and decided to use it even though it was a bit shorter than recommended on the pattern.  It works well as it has two pull tabs and the gap when the bag is open is still plenty big enough to scratch around inside trying to find things.

I’m using this bag at the moment and love it.  It is larger than my last handbag though so I do find myself carrying around more “stuff” which I haven’t decided if that is a good or bad thing yet!

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