Blythe Doll Love

Blythe doll love

Blythe doll love has hit me. Have you heard of Blythe dolls before?  If not here is a little bit about her history….

Blythe dolls were manufactured by Kenner in 1972 and the original Blythe was produced for only one year before they stopped making her because of poor sales. She was ahead of her time and for 28 years Blythe was something that only doll collectors were interested in.

Then in 2000 Blythe made her comeback in Japan when CWC produced a cute TV commercial for Parco department store starring the Blythe dolls. After the commercial she  was back by popular demand in 2001 and since then there have been more than 62 different 12 inch Blythe dolls made.

Blythe’s main feature is her eyes.  There is a pull string attached to the back of her head and Blythe’s eyes close and then open with a new colour eye showing.  She has four eye colours and position changes which makes her so much fun to photograph.

Friendly Freckles Blythe Doll

I have a hidden passion.  I collect Blythe dolls.  The redhead above was my first doll and her Blythe name is Friendly Freckles.

This is the sign I have above my showcase where I keep my extra special Blythe dolls. Yes I now have more than one and enough to have a dedicated cabinet for them! My husband made this sign for me for my birthday this year. He carved this piece of Tasmanian Oak with his own two hands late at night without me knowing. It was such a lovely surprise, the best gifts really are handmade!

My Blythe doll collection

This is a picture of some of the different styles and hair colours you can find.  Blythe doll collection is not limited to finding designs you like you can also customise your dolls.  After some experimenting and reading up about how to (youtube is great for this) you can pull change the eye chips to different colours, pull apart your doll, re-root her hair (some people change them to curly mohair), give them new make up or some people actually re-carve their lips and eyes to different shapes.  There is really no end to customising.  I have a cheap doll which I am practicing on but so far I have only really changed eye chips in a few of my dolls.

Blythe Doll - Feel the Sky

This Blythe is an airline hostess and her Blythe name is Feel the Sky.

With three daughters it is understandable how I could become addicted to such a thing. Having so many daughters and collecting these special dolls became hard so the answer was for them to have their own Blythe doll so that they didn’t play with mine too much.  I managed to find a doll for Gigi that looked just like her… Saffy Encore.

Sunshine Holiday Blythe Doll

Titi was also easy to find a Blythe doll that looked just like her.  This is Sunshine Holiday and she has beautiful olive skin just like my eldest daughter.  I haven’t bought or found a doll that looks like my little daughter yet.  She is only 21 months so I am waiting for her hair to grow and see who she is really going to look like.

The above doll is possibly my favourite in my collection.  She is Miss Sally Rice and she has the prettiest pouty lips, translucent skin tones and fantasy coloured hair.  You’ll see her in an extra special “dress” in a future post so keep an eye out if you like her. I made the pyjamas in the above picture to match the same pyjamas that I made for my daughters and I also made the mattress, pillow and quilt on the bed (that I also painted) that she is sitting on.

handmade blythe doll lothes

The other fun thing to do for them is to make clothes and accessories.  Above is a collage of a few of the things I have sewn, crocheted and made for them. Besides being a little fiddly in parts it is lots of fun and you can whip up a little dress quite quickly which is very satisfying.  All of the clothes (except the rainbow skirt which was my own design and pattern) were made with free patterns from the net.

I really had to introduce you all to the world of Blythe before I share some other “Blythe” projects that I have in the wings. I hope you like them as much as I do, once you get one it’s hard to stop. I think you either like their look or you don’t. There are some amazing Flickr groups and websites and lots of information on the web about them if you’re interested in searching for more information. It’s quite amazing how many grown women (and even some men) are into these dolls and they have quite a cult following right around the world. They are addictive so don’t say I didn’t warn you if some Blythe doll love hits you too!

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