Face Painting

facepainting - tiger girl

Go The Tigers!!!

The Wests Tigers are in the semi finals this weekend and as a house full of Tiger’s fans we’re excited!  For a bit of fun we decided to practice some tiger facepainting for this Saturday.  My perfect palate (TT because she sits still for long enough) wasn’t in the mood so I painted Gigi’s face instead.  She does wriggle a bit and constantly wants to see what it looks like but for a quick paint I think she looks pretty cute as a Tiger cub.

We love face painting and ever since the girls were little it’s something we do every now and then for a bit of fun.  Here ‘s is TT quite young as a doggy.


I got these cake style face paints a while ago from Eckersley’s and they are great.  The cheap ones I used at first used to dry up easily and crack on their faces after a while too.  These Snazaroo don’t do that at all and they come in more colours too.  Some even come in sparkle or metallic so you can do some great designs with them.

A favourite for a while was to paint masks like “Harmony” or “Rhapsody” from The Fairies.

Princesses are also another quick favourite with my girls.

facepainting ideas collage

But what they really love to do is paint each others faces or even mine sometimes!

I’m afraid I have to finish this post the same way I started…… GO THE TIGERS!!!

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