Screen printed placemats

screen printed placemats

When I was a little girl my favourite chore was setting the table and I think it’s my eldest daughter’s favorite too. She recently opened her first bank account with school so in order to have some money to put in there she needs to start helping around the house a bit.

I have been meaning to dress up the dinning table a bit and decided on making some some screen printed placemats. I managed to pick up eight cheap plain black placemats on sale at Spotlight a while ago and besides saving a lot of time it was worth it to buy them for the price I paid.  Of course you could easily make them if you don’t happen to find exactly what you need or want.  I traced the leaf design from our dinner plates by placing tracing paper on top of a plate and drawing around the outline. Then I coloured in the design with a black texta and scanned what I had drawn. A few tweaks in Photoshop and then I printed it out on plain white paper.

I use this great product from EZScreenPrint that enables me to make re-usable stencils using only sunlight and water.  I found it once on ebay and have used it quite a few times now for different projects including clothes, folders and party goods.  It isn’t that cheap as it comes from the US but I think it’s well worth it for the result.  Hopefully one day someone is Australia will stock it but for now it’s our secret!

After setting up my printed design inside the frame I exposed it to sunlight for 5 minutes.

Then I took it to my dark laundry and soaked it in cool water for 15 minutes.  After that I carefully washed the screen under running water to make my stencil.

I screen printed the design on using my white fabric printing inks and waited for it to dry.  Then I set it by pressing with a pressing cloth over the design and using a dry iron to allow me to wash the placemats when necessary without harming the screen printed design.

After having a proper dining table for a few years now it’s nice to finally have some matching placemats and I’m sure my daughter will be even more motivated to set the table now and earn that pocket money.

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