Cupcake Pops

Cupcake Pops

Cupcake Pops anyone?

Whilst looking at some books at The Book Depository this book came up as a pre-order. I loved the look of the cover so much I decided to order it at the cheaper price. I must have been one of the first few in Australia to get it and when it arrived I wasn’t disappointed.

I used a chocolate cake for my first set of Pops and decided to use my food processor to get a nice even crumble before I mixed the cake in with the icing.  Mixing a crumbled cake with icing means that it can be rolled or pressed into various shapes.

I thought I’d start with something easy so decided to make the cupcake ones. Also having made a chocolate cake I couldn’t make some of them as with a light coloured coating as you can sometimes see the colour of the cake underneath.

After shaping the bottom of the “cupcake” with a flower cookie cutter I dipped the bottom half in the chocolate coloured candy melts and then inserted the sticks.

You can find Wilton Candy Melts at Spotlight or at cake decorating shops. It dries quite hard which enables the cakes to be held up on a stick (normal chocoate would not work). I decided on pink “icing” coloured Candy Melts for the tops of the cupcakes.

You need a block of styrofoam to stick the pops in to dry and this wreath was all I had.

Pardon the pun but they went down a treat!  I was really happy with my first attempt at Cake Pops and can’t wait to make some more. I have some exciting ones to post on the blog soon now that I have collected some extra special sprinkles for them.

Oh and my husband said they were yummy.  The kids didn’t need to tell me I could see they liked them.

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