Easy Backpack Sewing Pattern

As a mum two hands are still not enough but it helps to have all hands free. Backpacks are great as we always have something to carry with us but I’m not a big fan of the traditional backpack. It’s light, easy to wash, easy to make and simple to fold away when it’s not in use.

Whilst creating another future blog project, I came across this Apple plastic bag my husband had received when he purchased something from there recently. This bag provided the inspiration for this backpack.

I found this pretty upholstery fabric at IKEA.

A metre of fabric, 3 metres of cord a few button holes and tada! If you like this backpack leave me a comment and I’ll create a tutorial for this easy backpack sewing pattern.

It will be great for my upcoming trip to the zoo as I don’t want to carry too much and need my hands free for toddlers and photos!

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