Embellished glasses skirt

Embellished glasses skirt

Whilst visiting the Material Obsession shop in Gladesville I found this great Echino fabric that I had to have.

I thought it would be great to use with a project from a book I have called 49 1/2 skirts. The book is full of wrap skirts embellished with many different and interesting techniques. For buying books I really recommend The Book Depository. They are in the UK but offer free worldwide shipping and their prices are already cheaper than most shops here so check them out.

I cut out the wrap skirt and then made one inch strips with some of the left over fabric by ripping it. This gives a nice rough textured edge to the strips. I also used some cream gingham fabric to make some more.

I then pressed them so they were flat and cut them up into little tabs.

With some tailor’s chalk i marked out a circle design on the bottom left hand side of the wrap skirt where I wanted to place the tabs. I pinned each tab on and then sewed carefully around them to attach them to the skirt. After the embellishing I lined the skirt.

For a closure I pulled out my trusty snap machine and used four black snaps to hold the wrap skirt in place.

It’s definitely a unique skirt! That’s one thing I used to love when I had the time to make all of my own clothes. I’ll definitely have to make another one of these skirts using another one of the techniques from the book.

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