Hair accessories for school

school hair accessories

With the end of some very fun school holidays it can be hard to find the motivation to go back to school. To help encourage my little one I created some new hair accessories for her made out of old school uniforms.

homemade school hair tie

I bought a couple of old school uniforms from the second hand shop at school for $10. A good tip is to buy the biggest size available that way you’ll have more fabric to work with.

school hair clips in uniform colour

I have made two hairclips and two fabric flowers (one summer uniform and one winter) which I attached to a hair elastic for my daughter to wear.

flower fabric hair accessories

The two fabric flowers are different patterns. The winter uniform one is from a book I have called Making Children’s Clothes by Emma Hardy. The summer uniform flower was made using a free pattern from another blog called Wise Craft. They have an easy to follow tutorial and templates you can download. Instead of a regular button in the middle I used a butterfly button.

summer school uniform matching hair ribbon

Even her sister wanted to wear one. All my daughter’s school friends love them too so I think I’ll have to make a few as presents for her good friends to wear also.

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