Yummy Mummy Cake Pops

Yummy Mummy Cake Pops

Today is my Dad’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Dad.  As a lover of Ancient Egypt and an author of several Egyptian books I thought that these Yummy Mummy cake pops would be a perfect surprise.

Yes I have gone a little pop crazy and yes I do remember that my last post was also cake pops but they are addictive.  I can promise you that they will also not be my last.  How could I possibly resist making these cake pop mummies for my Dad when my daughters call him Poppa!  Pops for Poppa – it was meant to be!

My trusty assistant Gigi was on hand to help press the buttons on my fabulous KitchenAid and of course the most important part of helping any cake making…. licking the bowl!

These are some of my very talented Dad’s children’s books which were published in the 90’s with some great scary mummy covers.

And this is his first archaeological thriller for adults The Smiting Texts.  If you want to check out these or any of his other many books you can find them here or if you want to read more about him you can do so at his website here.

I love this picture it looks like one naughty mummy has bitten the back of another mummy’s head!

Of course you don’t have to wait to find an Egypt lover you can always make these for Halloween which is coming up this weekend.  These cake pops didn’t last that long. My Dad absolutely loved them and when trying to guess what sort of cake I’d made him he really had no idea.

Have you made any cool scary cakes for someone special or for Halloween?

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