Lady Beetle Party Decorations

bubble skirt made with ladybug fabric


It was so much fun making and finding everything red, spotty and lady beetle looking for decorating the girls lady beetle birthday party.  It’s amazing how many things you can find once you start looking! With two of our daughter’s birthdays only three days apart we combined their party to make it one big day of fun.

Above is a picture of Miss 4 in her bubble (or puffball) skirt that I made.  I made two of these skirts from the book Making Children’s Clothes by Emma Hardy in size 2 and size 4 but found they were way too big for Miss 2 and Miss 4. With three daughters that was easily solved by moving them all up the line and giving the biggest size to my eldest 5 year old and then making another skirt for my youngest.  They looked so cute with their three matching skirts and no one felt left out.

pom pom ladybug fascinator

This is me and our other birthday girl Miss 2.  I put a pom pom in her hair and made a lady beetle out of two pom poms attached together and turned it into a fascinator for me to wear so that I was dressed in the party theme too.

table setting for ladybug party using fake grass

We decorated under the patio this time instead of the carport.  I hired some tables and red chairs from Amazing Party Hire and dressed the table with red tablecloths and stuck pretty lady beetle serviettes (which I’d ironed flat) to the table as placemats.  The table runner was a long piece of fake grass decorated with large insects I found.  The green of the grass complimented the red nicely and helped with the lady beetle / garden theme.  If you were doing a smaller party for less people you could cut out rectangles of fake grace as placemats instead of having it as a table runner.

You’ll also notice a big green leaf from IKEA and we had A Bugs Life playing on the TV without sound.

lantern decoration for ladybug party

I had a big pack of black dot stickers so the girls helped me stick some onto the red paper lanterns to hang up over the table.

ladybeetle fur from Spotlight

This large air filled pillow style lady beetle is also from IKEA and the spotty lady beetle fur fabric which I wrapped around the coffee table was from Spotlight.

What is a party without balloons?  I hired a gas bottle and set my Dad to work early Saturday morning blowing up all the red and black balloons.  You can’t see from this picture but I also had a lot of red balloons with black spots that I found on ebay as well.  I also bought five foil lady beetle balloons, which you can see in the picture below, on ebay for a good price too.

round rug looking like ladybird

I found some cheap round red rugs at Kmart and made a stencil (similar to the one I made for the lolly boxes) and then used black spray paint to paint the lady beetle design on them.

My eldest daughter had fun helping me make some red spotty paper chains as well. They looked pretty hung up under the patio, well at least until it rained!!

lady beetle pictures for blackboard

For every party we always draw some birthday message and picture to go with the theme on our kitchen wall blackboard.


ladybug themed cutlery

The wooden cutlery had little lady beetles stuck to the handles.


numbers painted and covered in ladybug fabric

I used the same fabric as the girls skirts to cover two paper mache numbers with the girls ages.  I painted them white and then red just like the lolly boxes and then used some Modge Podge to stick down the fabric on top after I’d trimmed it to size.


strawberries shaped into a ladybug

I was going to get a fruit bouquet for everyone to eat with the cake for dessert but then I had the awesome idea of a lady beetle made up of both plain and chocolate coated strawberries to make it look like the red and black of a lady beetle. I didn’t have enough time to make this myself and knew of someone through a friend to make it for me.  Let me know if anyone wants her details. It looked great and tasted yummy! The kids and adults loved it.

creature features at our lady beetle party


I organised Feature Creatures to come and do a presentation at the party and here is a little collage of pictures with some of the lizards and the snake . They were great! The kids loved touching and meeting the reptiles, amphibians and insects. It surprised me how many kids (and even me) had a photo taken with a snake around their neck at the end! I would highly recommend them.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the week of lady beetle party posts.  That’s pretty much it.  I do have one more element I used but will save that for later as you can use this type of decoration for any kind of party. Plus I need to take some more photos for it.

Have a great weekend.

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