Lady Beetle Party Invitations

lady beetle party invitations

I’ve been very busy planning a little lady beetle party and making these ladybeetle party invitations for 2 of my daughters.  Their birthdays are 3 days apart so this year we decided to have a combined party for them.  Gigi is turning 4 and Cc is turning 2.

I haven’t been ‘bugging’ you with many posts lately but here is a picture of the envelope a few friends received in the mail.

Inside we had a cute little letter with a 3D lady beetle stuck on and pretty little pop up flowers.

Just over a week to go and still so much to do.  Next week will be mostly the baking and food side of things so I’m trying to get all the decorations and party outfits out of the way.  I have lots of great ideas for this fantastic kids party theme so stay tuned for more posts to come.  Has anyone had a great lady beetle party or been to one?

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