Star Crochet Blanket

star crochet blanket

Woohoo I’ve finally finished my star crochet blanket!

Here it is all folded up, edging done and all the loose threads weaved in.  What a great feeling of satisfaction I get when I finish a big project.

This one took a while as I ran out of yarn and had to order some more in.  To cut a long story short after being told it would be a week I finally got it over a month later. Then with the girls birthday party at full steam I had to wait until that was over until I could totally finish it.

crochet blanket 8 ply

My big Kindy girl came home sick last week so she got to test the blanket out for me.

It is very soft and cuddly.  I used this Empire Superwash Merino 8 ply yarn in five colours – Glass, Orchid Smoke, Luxe, Kingfisher and then the variegated ball called Irises. It is all 100% Australian Merino.

The pattern I used was from a really great book I bought called Crocheted Gifts by Kim Werker.  They call it the “All Star Blanket”. There are lots of other great projects in there that I want to make as well.

When I’m doing crochet I like to have the glossary and instructions on hand at the same time.  Instead of flicking back and forth through my book I scanned and printed the glossary so I could have it near me as a reminder if I needed whilst following the pattern on another page of the book.

The first stage of these granny squares was the stars.

Then the circle around the stars.

Then the square around the circle.

crochet star granny square at 4th stage

Then the variegated edging to each square.

star crochet blanket

I think it looks quite modern for a granny square blanket and it’s probably mostly because of my yarn choice.

I love crochet.  I find it so relaxing and rewarding. There is something so “home made” about it too. Can’t wait to start my next crochet project.

What do you think?  Do you prefer knitting or crochet?  Or both?

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