6th Birthday Sleep Over Party

Our daughter turned 6 over the holidays, on Boxing Day to be exact. A very busy time of year. Usually I’m organised enough to plan a party for her earlier in December but this year we ended up waiting until her friends were back from holidays in January.

Instead of a massive party with heaps of friends she decided on a sleep over party with a few of her closest friends.  That ended up being ten kids!!!  Three of those are mine though. Still it’s more than a few but it worked out well and everyone got along and played really well together.

This was the invitation my husband created for the party. I had a little photo shoot with Trinity lying on the floor and made up a pretend bed around her. I climbed up a ladder and took some aerial pictures which my husband then used to create the party invitation image of her sleeping on a cloud.

Sleep over party bedroom

Having a large bedroom and a king size bed I thought it was best to give it up for the kids for the party.  We also have a sofa bed in our room so figured between that and our king sized bed it would be enough room for all the girls to sleep. We decorated the room with the purple and pink buntings I had made for last years parties.

party banner

I found a cute sleepover themed paper party bunting from this seller on Etsy. It was very easy to print off on heavier paper stock and then attach them together with brad pins.

colouring in sleep over themed pages

I printed some sleepover themed colouring in pages which the girls loved colouring in while their home made pizzas were cooking.

dancing and party balloons

What is a party without balloons?  Pink and purple were the colours for this party.

birthday cake for 6 year old

Cake time!

Neapolitan cake

I found this cute recipe in a Donna Hay magazine and Trinity really liked it.  I baked three cakes – one chocolate, one strawberry and one vanilla to make the different coloured layers for this neapolitan cake. Basic vanilla icing covered the cakes and then I decorated the side with mini marshmallows cut in half.


cutting the birthday cake

Not only did it look pretty but it tasted pretty good too.

Decorated pillow cases for all the party girls

I decorated pink pillowcases as a gift for each of the party goers.

sleep over party lolly bags

Popcorn shaped lolly bags were filled with lollies, smarties, glow sticks and decorated with the party image at the front.

First one asleep at the sleepover party

My little 2 year old was the first one asleep followed closely by my husband!

a loose tooth came out at the sleep over party

The others were nearly asleep when they were woken up with the excitement of one of Trinity’s friends loosing a front tooth! Yes I didn’t expect that to happen on my shift.

pink pancakes

Breakfast the next morning was pink pancakes with neopolitan icecream and chocolate milk. Yum. It’s not often you get to have icecream for breakfast.

I was really pleased with how well all the girls behaved and their beautiful manners. It was a nice way to finish the school holidays and special time to see and play with all their friends before they go back to school.

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