Embellished T-shirt

embellished t-shirt

I saw this beautiful coloured t-shirt on sale for a seriously cheap price so I bought two of them!

I had seen this blog post using a great idea to make an embellished t-shirt that is plain and I wanted to give it a try myself.

I cut one of them up along the seams to give me some matching fabric to work with. Buy a larger size for the second t-shirt so you have more fabric to work with should you decide to add heaps of embellishments.

I lost count of how many little flower shapes I cut out but there were quite a few and then some leaves as well.

I sewed down the middle of each cut out flower to gather it.  In some cases I sewed two layers of flowers to add extra volume. After pinning them on the t-shirt and trying it on (ouch!) I was satisfied with the layout. Then I sewed them down onto the t-shirt over and down one shoulder.

You need to sew quite a few on areas that stretch more if you get my drift. I think I may actually add another one or two more flowers after seeing the pictures now but I love the overall look.

What do you think?

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