Silver Crochet Scarf

silver crochet scarf

Sometimes it’s hard to model your own projects or find someone to take some photos of you wearing them so I decided to let my eldest daughter be my model for my latest crochet project even though it is not really for her!  I got the idea to use her as my model as she kept borrowing my new scarf, putting on some of my high heels and a handbag to walk around the house as a mum!

The Art of Crochet

I subscribed to the series The Art of Crochet after purchasing the second issue from my newsagency.  I am still waiting for a back copy of issue 1 as I missed out on that but have been receiving my little magazine which I put into the provided binder. With the series I received a ball of sparkly silver yarn and a crochet scarf pattern which was simply made up of treble crochet stitches and some tassels at each end.

treble crochet stitch scarf

Wanting to finish of a few U.F.O.’s (unfinished objects) I got to work on this easy project thinking it was something portable enough to take on holidays with me. The other great thing about it was that the pattern was simple enough that I could crochet and chat at the same time. Got to love that!

crochet scarf

I have never bought one of these issue by issue magazines from the newsagent before but I’m quite impressed with this one. I won’t purchase all the issues as there will be 120 in total!  That’s a lot of issues but I will keep it going for a while as there are some really great patterns in the series that I’d like to make.

I’m actually “hooked” on another big crochet project at the moment which I started this week!  I can’t wait to share it with you all.  I realised that my blog has a lot of sewing projects and the needle category is the biggest so I’m making an extra effort over the next month or so to share with you a lot of yarn projects that I’ve been busy with over the holidays.

Have you been doing any portable crafts on holidays?

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