Origami Heart Pops for Valentine’s Day

valentine's day origami heart pops

With our eldest daughter starting Year 1 at school and having new children in her class I thought it would be a nice idea if she had a little gift to give them all on Valentine’s Day next week. I saw this cute origami heart pops idea on another blog I follow called Zakka Life and thought it would be an easy and cheap project to make for 22 children!

printable valentine's day paper for origami

Searching for some printable Valentine’s paper online I found this one and printed it on some white satin clear paper (see through) I already had at home.

origami hearts for friends on valentine's day

With my trusty helper and following the instructions online we used a paper trimmer to cut a square out of the printed vellum and then folded the squares into crisp origami shaped hearts. My daughter helped with a few but at 6 years of age she doesn’t have the patience to make 22 of them!

lolly pops

I bought some lolly pops at Big W and we picked out 22 of the pretty Valentine’s Day coloured ones to insert inside the origami hearts.

With sharp scissors I cut a little diamond shape out at the back and carefully inserted the lolly pop. Instead of using sticky tape for each of them I used the flap at the back to tuck into the pocket and help hold the lolly pop in place.

I thought I’d post this idea with enough time for you to make some for Valentine’s Day if you would like to. Of course you can always just make the origami hearts and leave out the lolly but my daughter insisted hers had to have them!

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