Bamboo Crochet Washcloths

Bamboo Crochet Washcloths

Continuing with my crochet craze and using up some of my yarn stash I whipped up a set of bamboo crochet washcloths. I found the pattern for them on a blog from a New York mum – Pure Sugar. It’s a lovely and easy pattern to crochet whilst watching tv and I love how the pattern appears on both sides of the cloth.

Three crochet wash cloths

There are many patterns to discover on the net and most are made as dishcloths but these ended up too pretty to wash my dishes with! I think they are prettier as washcloths with the one colour and matching border.

purple crochet washcloth

Seeing as I ended up making three of them I decided to give one each to my three daughters. There was a bit of an argument over the colours but they worked it out between themselves in the end.

wash cloths crocheted out of bamboo cotton yarn

They were crocheted using Moda Vera bamboo/cotton (70% bamboo and 30% cotton) which was from Spotlight. One ball of yarn made one washcloth. They have been used a few times now and have come through the washing machine well, becoming more absorbent over time given the bamboo content in the yarn.

yellow crochet washcloth

They would make a lovely gift for someone wrapped up with some handmade soap.

Do you think they are too pretty for a dishcloth?

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