Blythe Convention 2011

On Saturday I had an extra special day planned with just my eldest daughter. We packed up a few of our favourite Blythe Dolls in their carry bags and went to the Sydney Blythe Convention which was held at Ourimbah NSW and had a fantastic time.

Blythe Convention 2011

We finally arrived at the beautiful Gardenia Cafe after being stuck in some horrendous F3 traffic and settled in with some yummy food before the dolly delights started.

Just some of the Blythe dolls on display at the Sydney Convention

There were about 67 doll enthusiasts at the event along with lots and lots of dolls. Here is just a small peek at them!

Lots of Blythe Dolls at the Blythe Doll convention

Because we only decided to go a week or so before the event we were not as organised as we could have been and ended up only taking two dolls for the personal display – Tarts and Tea and Pow Wow Trad.

Blythe Carnival dolls 2

The theme for the event was Carnival and there were several competitions with awesome prizes of dolls and other goodies. Competition categories were:- Beauty, Best Dressed, Mini-Me, Blythe Doll Carnival Photo and Thursday’s Child.

Blythe Doll Mini Me Competition Entrants

This was some of the mini me entrants doing a line up.

Tt will have to go in this competition next year with her Sunshine Holiday Blythe Doll as I have changed one set of her dolls eye chips to be hazel just like hers.

Blythe Carnival Photo Competition

Beautiful Blythe doll carnival photos. One of the things I love about Blythe is that she is so photogenic.

Winning an outfit made by Pistachio Libby

Tt was very happy to win a door prize of a Blythe doll outfit made by Pistachio Libby.

Littlest pet shop Blythe

Someone owns the whole collection of Littlest Pet Shop Blythes. My three daughters have a few of these but I didn’t know there were this many! One day I’ll have to attempt to make some clothes for them. Extra patience will be needed as I’m sure it’s very fiddly because they are so small.

Blythe Doll displays

There were a couple of cute dioramas which Tt and I really enjoyed looking at.

Blythe Convention Goody bags

Overflowing popcorn goodie bags were given to everyone to take home at the end of the event.

Blythe Prima Dolly Paris in her new outfit

A few people were selling some of their Blythe Doll creations and we picked up a cute little colour co-ordinated outfit (hat, dress and rement gumboots) from three different people without even realising how well they would all go together.

My Blythe Wish List

Hats off to the organisers for a fabulous day and event. Of course my mind has been racing with dolly ideas and visions ever since. Can’t wait for next year!

I will leave you with a picture of three dolls that are definitely on my “I wish” list after seeing them in person at the meet.

If you’re not one of my blog followers who is a Blythe lover are you warming to them yet?

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