Piece of Cake – Cake

Piece of cake - cake

After offering to make a relative’s birthday cake I decided on making a cake that looked like a piece of cake.

Ganaching the layers of cake together

I baked an 8″ round chocolate cake and then made my own template from waxed cardboard. Using the template I managed to cut one clean triangle shape and then two more layers with the left over pieces. The layers of cake are ‘stuck’ together with the ganache which formed a nice triangle once it was left to set. It saved a lot of time having some leftover dark chocolate ganache in the deep freeze.

Dark chocolate ganached cake

Here it is nearly all smooth ready to put aside until firm. Beautiful shiny ganache – a sign of using good quality chocolate.

Rolled fondant candle and giant sprinkles

While the ganache was setting I set to work making the decorations. I made a white candle out of rolled fondant icing and then a flame for the top of it by using a bit of orange and red fondant lightly marbled together. There is a lollypop stick inserted into the middle to enable the candle to stand up straight without having it fall over. Very thin and long sausages of fondant were cut up to make oversized or giant sprinkles in red and white and then using a thin paint brush I painted a line of water on the bottom of each sprinkle so that they stuck to the icing without falling off.

Birthday cake idea - cake that looks like a piece of cake

I chose purple for the ‘icing’ top of the cake to go with the happy birthday ribbon I used on my new ribbon cake plate and then mixed some red and green rolled icing together to make the chocolate brown coloured icing for the sides of the piece of cake.

The recipient was very happy with her cake and there was plenty to feed 6 adults and the 5 kids who were drooling over it.

Piece of cake. What do you think?

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