Small Easter Basket

Small Easter Basket

With easter coming up next month I’ve been experimenting with a small easter basket.  I found this pattern on the Lion Brand website. It is a little small to use as an easter basket for my kids but it would make a cute gift for a little someone.

Pure wool 8 ply wool in pinks and white for crochet

It was made using three strands of yarn at the same time which really gives a lovely variegated effect.

close up of pink easter basket crochet

The top edge was finished with a row of single crochet using the brightest pink.

pink easter basket full of easer eggs

Loving the colours and variegated look and of course you could modify the pattern to make the easter basket bigger. For my daughter’s easter baskets I have actually ended up using another pattern with larger ply yarn so expect to see it on the blog as soon as I can get some easter eggs to fill them with for some photos. I don’t know what happened to these yummy peppermint ones!

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