Bouquet of Flowers for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day homemade bouquet of flowers for Mum

Happy Mother’s Day to all the crafty mums out there.

Not knowing exactly when we would be catching up with my mum I decided to make a bouquet of tissue paper flowers instead of buying fresh ones for her. Having previously tried my hand at some crepe paper flowers I wanted to experiment with some delicate tissue paper flowers this time and make a whole bunch.

Tissue paper flowers close up

My trusty Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts (which would make a great Mother’s Day present for any crafty Mum who doesn’t already own a copy) had all the instructions to make this beautiful bouquet. Using tissue paper in shades of hot pink, baby pink, lavender, purple, white and two greens together with some cloth wrapped florists wire, floral tape and some silver stamens I set to work making the following – five hot pink folded petal flowers, five bubble petal flowers (the ones with the silver stamens inside) in light pink and white, four rolled petal flowers and finished the bunch of with five long green leaves.

Tissue Paper Bouquet of Flowers for Mother's Day

It wouldn’t be Mother’s Day without flowers and these will stay fresh and brighten my Mum’s days for much longer than fresh flowers would have.

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