Kids Neck Warmer Knitted Scarf

Kids Neck Warmer Knitted Scarf

I had Miss 6 year old at home sick with a cough and runny nose earlier this week so I made up this little kids neck warmer knitted scarf to help her stay warm where it matters to help her get over her cold.

knitted kids neck warmer scarf

Using some size 4mm knitting needles I simply cast on 12 stitches with some left over yarn from my stash. Then using garter stitch I knitted up about 80 rows as I only wanted it to be a short scarf to cover her neck and chest. I stretched a whole in the middle near one of the ends to correspond with a crochet flower and button I had sewn onto the scarf.

crochet flower with ceramic flower button

The stretched hole in the knitting then worked as a button hole for the button and flower to do up through to help hold the scarf snugly around my daughters neck.

kids knitted chest warmer scarf

I think the neck warmer has done the trick and her cough is a lot better. It’s a very easy and quick project to try.  Anyone keen to give it a go?

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