Cross Stitched Tooth Fairy Pillow

Cross Stitched Tooth Fairy Pillow

This is a cross stitched tooth fairy pillow that I have just finished making. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a large or time consuming project.

Spotted Skink Cross Stitch and Needlepoint Chart

I purchased the cross stitch chart by Spotted Skink at a craft show a few years ago now and it’s been on my long list of things to do for a while.  Stitching only started whilst on Christmas holidays when I realised that my eldest daughter was now 6 and that any time from now she could be loosing her first tooth.

cross stitch DMC thread ready to start stitching

Sometimes my cross stitch projects get put to one side for something more urgent and exciting but I do find that I love to cross stitch when I am pregnant.  Most of the pieces I have done have been whilst pregnant as I find it very soothing, relaxing and a great way to keep busy with something productive when I can’t sleep.

first lost tooth for tooth fairy

Anyway my daughter lost her first tooth a few weeks ago.  We were having a race to see what came first – the tooth fairy pillow or her very wobbly tooth.

I lost!!!

Luckily she actually decided that she didn’t want to give her first tooth to the tooth fairy but wanted to keep it. The tooth fairy pillow is all ready for her next tooth which will be the first one for the tooth fairy so I think that actually worked out ok.

finished tooth fairy cross stitch

I altered the pattern to make the heart into an actual pocket for the tooth and coin. I filled the space where the heart was with the background cream coloured thread and then made a seperate heart on another piece of 14 count Aida cross stitch fabric.

I love you heart cross stitch

Then I sewed the heart cross stitch to another piece of fabric with right sides together and left a small section open to turn it back through so that right sides were facing out to make a neat little heart shaped pocket.

Front of tooth fairy cross stitched pillow

I then hand sewed the heart pocket to the main cross stitch using the peach coloured embroidery thread so that it blended in neatly.  With some Michael Miller Fairy Frost fabric I made a border around the completed cross stitch design with mitred corners. Instead of a cushion insert to make it into a pillow I decided on using some wadding and made a little tab at the top so that the pillow could be hung on the girls door handle so that the fairy doesn’t wake them up when she flies in to replace the lost tooth with a gold coin.

cross stitched pocket of tooth fairy pillow

It’s a pretty little pattern which also looks nice as a framed needlepoint.  You can purchase the chart online here if you’re interested.

It took a bit of time and patience but I’m very happy with the result and look forward to all of my daughters using it for all their future tooth fairy visits.

What do you use for your children to put their lost tooth into?

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