It’s a boy!

It's A Boy!

A chubby baby boy was born at home into his Daddy’s arms at the end of June. We had a perfect home waterbirth for the last addition to our family and to our surprise after three daughters we were given the miracle of our first son. He is being totally smothered with love by his three sisters and we have been enjoying these school holidays spending most of our time just getting to know him.

I am so excited to have a real reason to create some cute boys things on my blog and look forward to getting into my crafting again when I’m feeling up to it (and I can stop staring at him in a daydream!). In the meantime I have some great projects that I completed whilst I was pregnant and nesting but it didn’t feel right to start posting them until I announced the arrival of our adorable baby boy.

We wanted to take some pictures for his birth announcement so set up this plain white set, warmed the room up and put him in his birthday suit to take some newborn baby photos. Beautiful memories to have of how small is once was.

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