Angel Cooper’s Mosaic Photo Quilt

Angel Cooper's Mosaic Photo Quilt

Last year on this day I posted in memory of a beautiful boy named Cooper who passed away from SUDC  at 22 months of age (Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood – SIDS is only for under 12 month of age). The first quilt I made for his family was a memory quilt made from his clothes and backed with his sheets which you can read about here. I would like to post about him again today and tell you about another quilt I made for his parents using an image of him.

Photo Mosaic Quilting close up

Using a technique I have talked about previously here called Mosaic Quilting I made a quilted mosaic photo of Cooper for his parents to hang on their wall at home. Basically the quilt is made up of different fabrics ranging in colour value from light to dark. I made it slightly different to the mosaic photo quilt I made of my eldest daughter. Instead of using fabrics matching the colours in the photo (realistic colours) I used fabrics with the right colour value (how light or dark they are) without paying attention to the actual colour of the fabric.

quilting with Pfaff 2144 sewing machine

The other difference this quilted photo (or mosaic quilt) has is the way it is constructed. Instead of sewing all the little squares together along the rows the squares are layered on top of each other in order and then fused in place until each square can be quilted through to hold it permanently in place.

Mosaic photo being quilted with my Pfaff sewing machine

With three different threads – light, medium and dark I quilted diagonally through the squares with a ripple stitch from my Pfaff sewing machine.

Quilted photo quilt backing

The quilt label on the back of the quilt is framed by a set of the different coloured squares used on the mosaic photo quilt front and then I used a fabric marker to record the details of when I made the quilt etc.

Cooper Eason mosaic fabric photo quilt

I am so glad Cooper’s parents love the mosaic photo quilt I made for them and I love seeing it hanging in their dining room every time I visit them. Another year has passed since Cooper left this earth for heaven but he will never be forgotten.


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