Batik and Minkee Baby Quilt

Batik and Minkee Baby Quilt

Having had three daughters everything was either pink or too feminine including the quilt for the cot. I did have a beautiful shade of teal for the sheets and canopy so I decided to make a simple quilt to match. On the top I used some beautiful batik fabric I had in my stash just begging to be sewn into something and luckily I also has some matching super soft minkee fabric to back it with. The ready made satin bias binding I had from back in my baby bib and towel making days all put together made a cute batik and minkee baby quilt.

Stokke Cot with Batik Quilt

We have this beautiful Stokke cot which we bought before our first child was born and before we realised that we would actually end up cosleeping with each of our 4 children. This cot is absolutely beautiful and looks very pretty but none of our children have ever slept in it for the night!

However I do still get it out of storage for each baby and set it up for daytime naps and it is great to have a “safe” place to put baby down when I can’t supervise him ie. when I’m in the shower etc. It has wheels so I love that I can wheel it into any room and when my babies are older I also use it as a safe place to sit and play with some toys as it’s out of reach for our dog to come and bother them.

Minkee fabric with hand embroidered heart

Using some perl cotton embroidery thread in chocolate and teal colours I stitched out a heart shape and then within that heart shape I followed the lines of the design. This helped to “quilt” the layers of the quilt together and added a subtle decorative touch to the top of the quilt without taking away from the beautiful pattern of the batik.

Simple Baby Quilt using Batik and Minkee fabric

This batik and minkee baby quilt is very simple but attractive quilt that anyone with limited time and sewing skills could make. I don’t know about you but in my circle of friends there seems to be quite a few babies around and wouldn’t it make a lovely gift for someone?

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