Hooded Toddler Crochet Cape

Hooded Toddler Crochet Cape

I am so happy with this cute little hooded toddler cape I just finished crocheting.

Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn


I bought 3 balls of this Noro Silk Garden Sock (colour 292) yarn from Tangled Yarns. Love the colours and texture and had never used Noro yarn before. Whilst crocheting I did find a join that I had to take apart and unwind otherwise I would have had a very large patch of purple where the colour way should have kept going in the same order.

Little Crochet book by Linda Permann

This is such a lovely crochet book. I have made one of Linda’s patterns before but this book is my new favourite! She really does transform what some people might perceive as an old-fashioned craft into something modern and beautiful. There are so many cute patterns in here but I think what really makes them different is spending a little more on the yarn to get the modern look. You put so much time and love into crocheting or knitting projects yourself so why skimp on cheap wool! Having said that I did only make the small size (2-4 years) so that I only needed 3 balls instead of 4!

Little red riding hood crochet cape

Loving this pattern! It looks so cute on my daughter and I think she feels kind of magical wearing it too.

back of chevron hooded cape

From the back of the cape you can really see the beautiful mix of colours from purple-pink-mustard-teal on the rows of Missoni style chevrons.

Toddler crochet cape

The colours of the Noro yarn really do make this cape but I would love to experiment using other yarn with this pattern. Or perhaps if you give it a go you might like to share your pictures with me.

Hooded Toddler Crochet Cape

Ahh I do love hand knitted or crochet clothes for my kids. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to make them all. Perhaps when I’m a grandmother I will have enough time to make all my grandchildren’s knits! What fun.

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