Matchbox Car Caddy

Matchbox car caddy

Here are two dear little friends of ours playing with a matchbox car caddy I made for them. Their mum says they love to play with it and it’s the perfect toy to take on holidays to pull out for the boys to play with at a cafe or the like. A secret mums trick is to keep some special toys just to pull out when you really need them (like on holidays and plane or car trips) so that they have something new and exciting to stimulate their imagination rather than an old toy they will probably tire of quickly.

Matchbox car portable caddy

Based on this photo by Homemade by Jill I found of a car caddy I bought a pack of matchbox cars and then went about creating my own car caddy to measure the cars I had bought to include with the present.

handmade boys birthday present

Searching through my fabric stash I realised I have limited amounts of “boy” fabric but did find some cute mini cord and Michael Miller silver spots fabric.

boys toy car caddy all wrapped up

On the outside of the car caddy I used this checker plate fabric which you may remember from a previous post about another present I made for a little friend. I decided to use black bias binding for the tie and around the edge of mine to make it look nice and neat. Fold it up any way you like so the cars don’t fall out when it’s carried around.

toys cars driving on fabric road

Go ahead make one! I’m sure the recipient will love it as much as our little friends did.

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