If you haven’t heard of it already you might be wondering – What is


Pinterest is like a virtual pinboard – a place to catalog and share the things you love.

Craftsmumship's Pinterest collage

When I was younger I used to keep scrapbooks full of pictures from magazines and brochures that I wanted or liked, that inspired me or that was just attractive to look at. With so much inspiration online these days and purchasing less magazines and printed material Pinterest is a wonderful virtual scrapbook which allows you to “pin” pictures from an actual website so you have a record of where the idea or image came from. Your pins are stored in “Boards” which you can name yourself.  They can be anything you like.

Pinterest boards and pins by Craftsmumship

I have the following: – My Style Pinboard, Products I Love, For the Home, Parties, Kids Rooms, Favourite Places and Spaces, Blythe, Craftsmumship Projects (from my blog) and then some of my blog categories – Needle, Spoon, Yarn, Glue.

There is a search on Pinterest so you can see if there is something specific you are after but people pin some really cool pictures and ideas, recipes and inspiration.

Just like Twitter you can follow people and they can follow you back. You can even choose to either follow all of their boards or just the particular ones that interest you.

An iphone application has recently been released which I find great to use whilst I’m sitting with my daughters waiting for them to drift off into slumber and I’m so tired all I’m capable of is looking at all the pretty pictures people have pinned.

Request an invitation to join Pinterest and you can start to catalog all the things you love on your own boards. With my new blog design you’ll find a link up the top to follow my Craftsmumship profile and you’ll also find a link after each post if you would like to pin a picture from it.

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