Nikki Cat Home Sewn Dress

Nikki Cat Home Sewn Dress

Growing up my parents had siamese cats. It wasn’t until I became very allergic to cats when I was a teenager that we had dogs instead. I’m afraid my animal loving children will never have a real kitty cat and besides our Labradoodle hates them!

Petworks Nikki Cat

But there is something about these Nikki Cats by Petworks that I love.  Maybe it’s their realistic “Blythe” like eyes with long eyelashes and their stylised Hello Kitty type face. Or perhaps it’s the fact that you can dress them up with homemade outfits. This is Petworks Sekiguchi Odeco Nikki Cat Doll called Air Minami. She came in her own cute little sailor dress but teal is definitely her colour.

Petworks Nikki Cat


Using some of my stash of Prints Charming fabric in my favourite colour I cut out a little dress for my Nikki cat. She comes with a printed sewing pattern included to encourage you to make clothes for your cats (it is in Japanese though but if you have a basic understanding of how to sew you’ll be fine). My girls love having new dresses for their dolls (and mine) but it can be a bit fiddly as they are so small. I definitely enjoying sewing them much more during the daylight hours when it’s easier to see what I’m doing.

Petworks Nikki Cat Doll friend for Blythe

Here she is naked so you can see her joints but I had to put her boots on. Puss in boots!

The dolls are about 20cms high and made from PVC in Japan and the clothes are made in China. Each part of the doll is handmade and they have sleep eyes when they are lying down. I have quite the little collection going which I hope to show you more of in some future posts and introduce you to her other Petworks friend.

Cat doll friend for Blythe Dolls


If you’re looking for presents because Christmas is fast approaching Nikki might just be the answer. A few of mine were purchased second hand on a Dolly forum previously called Plastic Paradise but now Blythe Kingdom and the others from ebay.

I have some lovely friends called Nikki and Nikki cats make a lovely friend for Blythe dolls.

So are you a cat or a dog person?  Is it possible to be both?

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