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organisation ideas for kids library

Before baby #4 arrived there was a bit of re-organising of the girls bedrooms and my daughters bookshelf was moved into full view. I decided to organise all the books by colour to make it look more pleasing on the eye. Each shelf is made up of one or two colours of the rainbow and besides looking prettier it is easier for the girls to put the books back away.  With only one daughter (so far) who can read I wanted to make it easy for all of them to be able to put their books back away neatly.

make your own home library

Whilst we were in library sort out mode I came up with the idea of making our own home library. We don’t often get to the library but wanted to have the fun experience of borrowing books from home seeing as we have such a lovely collection of library books.

So with a few simple supplies including some plain white envelopes, some yellow cardboard system cards (you know the type used for the file card boxes), a date stamp with ink pad, ruler, red and black pens and some glue.

library card - craft and learning for kids

My eldest daughter who is 6 ruled a red ‘T’ shape in the middle of the yellow file cards and wrote the name and author of the book at the top above the red line. Then on one side she wrote “read by” and then on the other side wrote “date” and then underlined the words.

kids home library

She folded the top flap into the middle of the envelope so that the card could be slipped inside easily but you could still view the title of the book and the author. Then using a UHU glue stick she placed glue on the front of the envelope and stuck that inside each book on the inside back cover which is blank in most books.

school holiday craft and reading activities

The idea is that every time the story is read a record is made of when and by whom. My daughter loves playing teachers all the time so really liked this activity. We didn’t do all the books but it’s something we can do together over time to the popular ones in their library.

library filing systems

Doesn’t the shelf look so pretty and organised? You should have seen it before!!!

Reading lounge, home library

We got a new sofa from IKEA so that we can all sit in their room together for a story. It was getting a bit squashy trying to do it on their beds now that there is 4 of them!

So Christmas is coming up and what better gift than a book so I’d love it if you’d let me know what is your favourite book to read to your kids.

It’s hard to pick my favourite story to read to the kids but I’ll go with Crocodile Beat by Gail Jorgensen and Patricia Mullins. I used to read it to kids when I was a Nanny and before I was even married or had kids of my own so it kind of special.

What’s your favourite kids story?

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