Rainbow of Blythe Doll Dresses

Rainbow Blythe Doll Dresses

I realised that between my daughter’s doll collection and mine we managed to have Blythe dolls with hair colours in pretty much every colour of the rainbow. Knowing that I just had to make a rainbow of doll dresses to match their hair.

I know pink isn’t technically in the rainbow but I made the pink dress first as my test dress and then couldn’t leave it/her out.

Dolly Dolly Blythe Doll patttern book

I’ve been wanting to try using a pattern from this Dolly Dolly pattern book which I’ve had for a while. It’s only in Japanese but if you have a good comprehension on how clothes are made you should be able to follow the diagrams yourself and complete some of the gorgeous designer dresses in these books. I tried an easy pattern first to see how they are but there are some really stunning outfits in them.

rainbow colours of crochet perle cotton

Making seven dolls dresses wasn’t enough for me I had to make matching crochet flowers to embellish the dresses with.  Using some perle cotton which I already had in a rainbow of colours I set to work making up my own crochet flower which was in the right scale for the dresses.

Dresses for Blythe Dolls

Pick a dress any dress.

The fabric I used for the dresses was some hand dyed cotton from my fabric stash you may remember it from a previous post about some buntings I made.

Blythe doll wardrobe

I wish I had my favourite dress in all the colours of the rainbow! I love seeing them all lined up on the Blythe dolls wardrobe.

If you’re interested in the pattern for the crochet flower I made I’m going to make it available to everyone who subscribes to my newsletter. So if you want a copy don’t forget to register your details at the top of this page.

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